Miss Elena TC MARCHIS, from Torino, graduated in Ingegneria Edile at Politecnico di Torino with a thesis called:” La chiesa di san Giorgio in Valperga – Analisi ed ipotesi di intervento conservativo”. The work has been conducted under the guide of  prof. Paolo Scarsella, arch. Marco Zerbinotti and arch. Giuse Scalva  (responsible for Canavese area of  “Soprintendenza per i Beni Architettonici e per il Paesaggio del Piemonte”) and supported by the “Associazione Amici di San Giorgio in Valperga”, mainly the president prof. Mario Pent and arch. ing Mario Corino. The activity has allowed to better dating the church building steps and to clear by archive documents interpretation the events about last restoration sessionin 1939 . A “stone jetty”, typical of romanic churches, has been discovered in the hold sacristy; tracks of a romanic wall have been found in the left nave. Congratulations from the association!



Miss Francesca NOTARI, from Valperga, graduated at ”Facoltà di Lettere dell’Università degli Studi di Torino” with a thesis called “Aggiornamenti sulla storia di S. Maria di Belmonte alla luce della recente storiografia”. The work has been conducted under the guide of  prof. Giuseppe Sergi  and the support of  doct. Luigi Bertotti (expert of local history, untimeliness passed away in 2005). The  thesis refers to above people works to form the hypothesis that Belmonte has been initially a  priorate indipendent from local seignory unlike that resulting from  Arduino-related legends and from the historiography voted to exalt the Valperga family image. Congratulations from the association!



Recently (3 Jul 2003) the Sacro Monte di Belmonte has been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List  together with other eight “Sacri Monti” of  Piemonte and Lombardia with the following justification:

They are groups of chapels and other architectural features created in the late 16th and 17th centuries and dedicated to different aspects of the Christian Faith; in addition to their symbolic spiritual meaning , they are of great beauty by virtue of the skill with which they have been integrated into the surrounding natural landscape of hills, forests and lakes. They also house much important artistic material in the form of wall paintings and statuary “.


§         THE VALPERGA CHRIST (2003)   (more detail)     

A rare medieval Crucifix dated back in the first decades of the thirteenth-century, during the passage between the last Romanesque tradition and the beginnings of the Gothic…has been found in Valperga.

…the kind of Crucifix which is adapted in those times and conceptions, widely in Europe, and between the Padana area and the Alps, still holds, even if with variable tones and solutions in which emerges the consideration of the humanity of Christ, the representation of the Saviour not humiliated by pain and death but regal and triumphant, with the eyes open…

…a Christ so still regal and sacerdotal who feels the effects of the imaginary of the Redemption imposed between the X century and the end of the XII one, in Othonian and Romanesque epoch: people can think of the strong, big and silver Crucifixes of the cathedrals of Vercelli and Casale…

…if we look for not distant  comparisons for a such evolution we should think to the Crucifix of  St. Martin in the Vallese (beginning of  '200)…









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