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General problems concern in order of precedence the whole reconstruction of the roof, the restoration of the frescos, of the decorations in terracotta tiles and blocking ascendent dampness in the following positions: outside south facade, right nave fifth chapel, right nave fourth chapel, right nave third chapel, central nave, left nave, presbytery, seventeenth-century sacristy, outside of the remaining facades. Moreover are expected the reconstruction of the electric installation and the lighting system, the restoration of the wooden fittings, the restoration of the bell tower, the restoration/development of the presbytery and the cloister.


The artistic director has been doct. Bertolotto of the  Supervision for the Artistic Properties,  taken over on 2004 from doct. Gualano; arch. Giuse Scalva of the Supervision for the Environmental and Architectural Properties is still competent for the buildings works.

Main events:

·          Autumn 1997 : whole reconstruction of the roof (tranche I)

·          Summer 2000: the tender for the assignment of the works of tranches II and III is announced by Association Amici di San Giorgio, the firm Fenice of dott.ssa Ghedin turns out to be the winner

·          December 2000 : The restoration’s works of Saint George’s church  begin from the San Pantaleone’s chapel (tranche II)


·          July 2001: the tranche II works  are finished, the tranche III works  start

·          December 2002: the tranche III works  are finished (completion of the restoration of the right nave)

Thanche I, II, III works has been conducted with the financial support of the Foundation CRT and the Piedmont Region

·          March 2003: the works of the tranche IV part I begin (improvement and restoration of the left nave)

·          January 2004: the works of the tranche IV part I are finished

·          February 2004: the works of the tranche IV part II begin (restoration of apse’s frescos and sampling on areas not tested during intervention of 1938-39 years, fase I of wiring and light up)

·          Autumn 2004: the works of the tranche IV part II are finished inclusive of the “Magi “ fresco restoration, basic power wiring, the right nave lighting and provision for audio system ;  a flood light has been installed  to light the inner surface of the medieval water pit

·          Summer 2006: some works relevant to tranche IV part III as central nave frescos and right nave audio system are completed

Part I and II of Thanche IV works have been conducted with the financial support of the Foundation CRT, the Piedmont Region and Compagnia di S. Paolo

Works already designed , to be completed (tranche IV part III):

·          Main church side restoration

·          Canvas and wooden surfaces restoration

·          Wiring and lighting system completion

Restoration works to be designed and executed:

·          Fresco’s free surfaces painting

·          To bell tower

·          To presbitery rooms and sites

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The improvement of Saint George’s church is considered one of the hinge aims of the association: it’s important that the  church and the works of art which it contains can be enjoyable to the audience. To this purpose the church is open to the visitors even within limited periods ( normally in the week-ends from June to September) or in particular occasions and a guided visits service is active; visits for groups can be agreed by reservation in other periods. All this entailed a great organizational commitment through:

  • The finding of a group of voluntary guides to effect the necessary turns, taking the physiologic exchange of people too into consideration
  • Guides training with classes held by experts of art, architecture, history, with specific lessons about Saint George’s church and the territory. The classes are made every year in the period April-May
  • Preparation of illustrative and documentary material.

The opening of the church has been often combined to the visit to the Castle, thanks to the collaboration and availability of the nuns of Istituto Figlie della Sapienza who manage the rest Home for old people situated in the Castle itself.


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Every year in the period May—July the association promotes, with the contribution of the village of Valperga, the parish and many sponsors, concerts of instrumental and vocal music. Artists coming from the whole Italy alternated in memorable evenings thanks to the refined performances, the choice of the repertory, the atmosphere of the church and the acoustics of the late gothic church.


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The association AMICI DI SAN GIORGIO IN VALPERGA, from its foundation, organizes, with the support of Comunità Montana Alto Canavese, dell'Ente Gestione Parchi and Riserve Naturali del Canavese and the collaboration of private subjects, photograph contests and relevant exhibitions over themes concerning historic, artistic and cultural aspects peculiar to the territory.  So it wishes to join the documentary and research purpose to the one of liveliness of traditional events for Valperga like the Autumnal Fête.

The themes as far as now discussed are the following:

·         1997- Minor worship places and their environment in Valperga

·         1998 – Arches, decorations, and architectural details in Valperga

·         2000 – Countryman memories in the territory of Comunità Montana Alto Canavese

·         2001 – The walls relate….Messages of the past in the villages of  Comunità Montana Alto Canavese

·         2002 – Suggestions of Alto Canavese: The colours of our land

·         2003 – Typical residences of Alto Canavese

·         2004 – The water, richness and poetry for the Comunità Montana Alto Canavese

·         2005 - Paths and tracks on the Comunità Montana Alto Canavese territory

·         2006 – Vine and Wine on the Comunità Montana Alto Canavese

·         2007- Seasons on the Comunità Montana Alto Canavese though nature,art and architecture

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The association takes part in  bigger initiatives of artistic and cultural development of the village of Valperga, of Comunità Montana Alto Canavese , of Canavese and of Regione Piemonte. Among the most significant initiatives with which the association has collaborated, following shall be quoted:

  • Città d'arte a porte aperte in Valperga
  • Historic commemoration "Oteugn cun i nufia cup" in Valperga
  • Events of the Automnal Fête in Valperga
  • Circuit of Castles of  Canavese, ATL of Canavese
  • Circuit Arduinico, promoted by Comunità Montana
  • Culture Week

It’s important to observe that the association, although considering Saint George’s church the principal object of its activity, intends to occupy of other valperghesi sites of artistic and historic interest, from the Bell Tower to the Belmonte’s Sanctuary, from the Castle to the various little churches scattered over the territory. Moreover the association intends to promote cultural exchanges with similar associations or other situations in which there are common elements artistic and historic, or linked to the figure of Saint Gorge, patron of Valperga.


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